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IP PBX product line ss7Net

IP PBX product line ss7Net are technologically advanced telephone systems operated on Linux . The software is completely developed by ss7IPCom it is not an extension of other publicly available telephone systems.

IP PBX ss7Net are built on a modular system, whose structure and SW / HW covers the entire range of performance requirements for professional exchange of smaller companies through Call Center to telephone operator exchanges suitable for direct connection to the public fixed and mobile telephone networks CZ / Slovakia and other EU countries, on the highest possible level - E1/SS7 trunks.

Exchanges have modern features and meet the highest performance, quality and availability.

Block diagram of an IP PBX ss7Net:

The ss7Net exchange is certified for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. It is certified connectivity with the telephone network companies: Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s., GTS Czech s.r.o., České Radiokomunikace a.s., ČD - Telematika a.s., or Dial Telecom, a.s.

  • capacity from 4 to 120,000 ports (external + internal links)
  • all standard telephone features of public and private exchange
  • connectable common types of phones
  • connectable modern IP phones
  • connectable to the regular phone network
  • connectable to public operators using Signalling System 7 - two-point E1/SS7 trunks
  • connectable to the LAN and WAN data networks
  • consistent packet switching calls
  • call routing with LCR or the by-pass
  • distributable to the object