Drahobejlova 54

Praha 9

190 00

Czech Republic

+420 220991007


+420 220990000


Exchange features

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Basic functions

Call (internal, outbound, inbound) Speed ​​Dial Alarm
Inbound dialing Voicemail Types of clearances
Warning of a Call Conversions
Redirect immediately National numbering plans
Forwarding on busy Configuring the SS7 Network
Forwarding no answer Groups of shared services
Redirecting the unavailability Detailed records of calls
Taking a ringing call Service ceiling My Phone
Taking a ringing call in the group Ringing group Overview of cast ports
Transferring a call Substitution Administration of users
Waiting for the release of occupied Return submitted Web interface of a control panel
Click2Call LCR SOAP interface
CLIR Tariff schemes - external Hardware configuration

Extension functions (paid)

Time Service Operation Diagnostics - signals Overview of credit data
Crediting Organizational structure Interface for monitoring a phone
Checking the IP of SIP affiliate Other RTP ​​servers
Collecting CDR Factors operating interests
Accounting Report Generator Last call
Tariff schemes - internal Summary of contract data
Tariff schemes - transit Tariff data - volumes

Capacity possibilities

Savings on operating costs

Minimum capacity of 4 ports Lower costs of calls
Maximum capacity of about 100,000 ports Lower costs for reconfiguration

Analog phones

ISDN lines

Phone. devices, fax machines and modems the public and private networks
The broadcast signal + CLIP DSS1 signaling
2-wire interface (DEC / DTMF) Interface ISDN 2B+D (S0/T0)

ISDN phones

Analog line

Phone. devices, fax machines and modems To the public and private networks
DSS1 signaling U signal reception + CLIP
interface ISDN 2B+D (S0/T0) Interface of 2-wires (DEC/DTMF)

IP phones

IP connections

HW and SW phones To the public and private networks
Construction of a 1 "connection" Construction of the 1 "line"
SIP signaling SIP signaling
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (IP) Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (IP)

ISDN volumes

Routing of calls

To the public and private networks choice of direction on the principle of LCR
Construction of 1 volume travel options on the principle of by-pass
DSS1 signaling To the public and private networks
signaling n.7( ss7 ) the telephone and data networks
interface ISDN 30B+D (S2)